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              Lin, Senior Thin Films Scientist

              Meet Lin. She’s sharing her cultural heritage with other employees.

              Lin joined Corning in 2011 as a thin films scientist, developing processes and designs for a variety of specialty materials products. In 2016, she was promoted to a senior thin films scientist and now works with research, development, and manufacturing to design different coatings for next-generation products. Lin says she is proud to work at Corning because of the company’s Sullivan Park research and development center.

              “It’s a dream to work at our research and development center because of all of the advanced tools and capabilities available to us,” says Lin. “I always push myself to see how far I can go in my career, and working side by side with experts in the scientific field inspires me to do anything I set my mind to.”

              When Lin is not in the lab working on advanced coatings, she’s leading some of Corning’s employee resource groups to promote diversity and cultural heritage.

              Lin serves as the training officer for Corning’s Ethnically Diverse Group of Employees (EDGE), providing professional development opportunities for its members. Lin has organized many trainings, including active listening and verbal and non-verbal communication skills to empower Corning’s employees to achieve their professional potential.

              Lin is also involved in the Corning Chinese Association (CCA). She was previously the CCA chairwoman and now leads the C-Motion dance group. Every year, the team holds a dance performance for the Chinese New Year and invites employees from across the company to join in the cultural event.

              “The members of our dance team get to demonstrate their talent to our larger community, and it builds their confidence,” says Lin. “They feel proud knowing they are sharing their culture with their colleagues.”

              We’re proud of our female scientists, engineers, and working professionals like Lin and know they are shaping a brighter, clearer future.

              “It’s a dream to work at Sullivan Park, our research and development center, because of all of the advanced tools and capabilities available to us.”

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